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CSI Fatal Conspiracy Case 1: Flash Baked

Monday, January 3, 2011 in Games (Views: 1514)
This case begins in a Las Vegas spa. There was a fire, and the place is destroyed. Allow me to spoil it, since it wouldn't be CSI unless you find a dead body, who is under the mud in one of the baths. This is a storyline based walkthrough, meaning that if you are looking for click here and do this directions, this blog won't be doing that. This is mostly to provide a story to those not playing and to give those playing an idea of what's coming.

Right from the beginning, you can earn 4 very quick achievements for doing virtually nothing.

Thanks for Playing: Just watch the opening scene through its entirety.
Under the Hood: Just select the Options Menu in the PDA and leave
Reading Is Fun: Just open the Case File in the PDA
I Like to Watch: Click on Reconstructions in the Case File and begin watching anything (you don't need to finish).

So, that being said, this story is about a spa which caught on fire. When we get there, we see pretty much a charred building, and lots to look through. You will also notice 2 baths, one with more mud than the other, why? One of those baths will contain a dead body. It wouldn't be CSI without it. :) You will see at the scene of the incident a severed gas line, a toaster oven with a burnt muffin in it (most likely the ignition source), and a lot of soot (among other things). You will also talk to Pete Baxa, the owner, who is more concerned about answering to management than helping with the investigation. He's a generous man, being that he gives us a business card with his prints on it.

Of course, this is CSI - so you will be spending a lot of time in the lab. You will learn that asbestos was everywhere in this place as well as acetone. The bottom line here is that everything points to arson.

Doc Robbins in the morgue gives you some food for thought about death - certainly the carbon monoxide was enough to kill our victim (who we still don't know the identity to). Our victim had an alphabet soup of problems, from cancer to the fact that it appears she was suffocated and bruised hours before death. Makes you think.

Now, there's a million steps and things you have to do to get this case to end. I am just going to provide a summary of the players and how things turned out.

You, of course meet the owner, Pete Baxa. You learn from him that she has/had an abusive boyfriend. He seems more interested in answering to his management than helping you. We find there's a lot of reasons for this. First, he let the insurance lapse on the building, and that his business wasn't doing as well as people originally thought. Second, he didn't want to hurt anyone, so he set the fire in the middle of the night unaware the victim would come in. You also find out that Pete is laundering money through this business.

Enter our victim, Portia Weissman. She basically was the manager of the spa, and as fate would have it, not going to live long anyway, even though she was murdered. Ironically, all the asbestos in the spa is probably what was killing her (according to the game). She had enough medical problems that were going to take her out, more sooner than later. We also find she is a drug addict (pothead), which made a lot of those around her upset.

The jealous boyfriend? Enter Brian Reid. Here's a guy that goes right to the top of the list of suspects. He was a firefighter, just broke up with the victim, and had some serious issues with anger management. He lost his job from what appears to be a failed drug test, when in actuality all he did was ate marijuana laced brownies made by the victim. He was angered over the fact that he lost his job to her, and broke up with her. We find out at the end that he was quite a hero, as most firefighters are. He rescued a lot of kids from a burning gym, and earned a medal for it.

So, back to money laundering. Enter Beatriz Salazar, the "legitimate" business woman from Mexico. We find out that she has grips all over and is a staple in the Mexican drug cartel. She seems devistated that her "investment (Pete)" would be in such trouble, and also she goes off explaining how she basically bought everyone else in his life and town. You basically prove to her that Pete is cooking the books and listen to her carefully - the final scene says it all.

The final scene leaves a lot of room for interpretation as to what happened between the interrogation room with Beatriz and Pete. All you see at the end is Pete Baxa, dead, and a video camera pointed at him. He claims he is sorry for everything relating to Portia's death and to her family. He admits to being a scumbag and money launder. If you listened to Beatriz earlier, you will hear her words in his final words before killing himself on screen. We don't get the pleasure of seeing this scumbag end it all.

Some other achievements may pop at this point. For sure, you'll get one for finishing the case. You should have also received another one called "Not Up to code" when you present the evidence of asbestos to Pete. Other achievements for your skill, cunning, and thouroughness should have popped based on how you did.

You then think you're out of the woods and solved the case, but Beatriz will be hanging around for a while. Next, we go to case #2.


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