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CSI Fatal Conspiracy Case 3: Tapped Out

Sunday, January 9, 2011 in Games (Views: 2339)
This case was a little refreshing. For once, all your suspects were right there and you didn't have to chase after them, a classic "Whodunit" episode. This, for the plot, was my favorite case.

We start being in the room of the victim, Mary Marst. Mary was a very young, rich woman who was described a nothing more than a party girl. She inherited a hotel enterprise when her father died (smelling some Hilton in this case). She was left in all but a vegetative state in a car accident left her with second and third degree burns all over her body, no vocal chords, and only the use of 2 fingers on her left hand. Needless to say, this can't be a suicide and the fine people at CSI made sure that we could rule this out. This is either an assisted suicide or murder.

The crime scene? We have a nurse, a step sister, and her brother who ran out. We question the nurse, who was 100% honest (something's up). She believes in always providing the best care. The step sister visited the victim weekly, and the brother is gone.

Seems like maybe the brother didn't care? Good way to begin pointing, or your murderer is right there. You will also find a solid bronze bust of the father which was smashed. You will also find muddy footprints near the bust, and the victim's bed. The regulator for her morphine was also smashed. Of course, the drug overdose is the cause of death. You'll still have to hunt for evidence, but all your suspects are already laid out.

This was kind of a classic case, and the more airtight the alibis get, the more I begin to suspect someone. We do eventually catch the rogue and missing brother, who is for the most part, a punk. But, being a punk won't get you arrested. Looking at the evidence, some strange things come into play - such as a fake nail belonging to the nurse. She claims she only has her real nails, and this opens new doors. There's a lot to learn about this nurse.

There's also a lot to learn about the step sister as well. We learn that she has an airtight alibi and knows how to say all the right things. She comes from Los Angeles to Las Vegas every Sunday to visit Mary, and the security logs from her home security system pretty much substantiate her claim.

Something interesting happens here, and of course, this case wouldn't be complete without a Beatriz Salazar reference. We are handed a statue that was used to murder Umberto Salazar, Beatriz's old husband. We attempt to match the DNA, which should be easy - only to find we were set up. This is important later, and the game makes a big deal of us screwing up the evidence, when we are convinced it was tampered with. This federal agent is dirty somehow, and the question is how?

Fast forwarding, we learn a lot of new things. First, Mary was only capable of speaking in morse code. For those who know this, decommissioning of morse code was done in the late 19th century - but since Mary can only tap with 2 fingers, this is how she communicates.

Sick love twist? Not really - but we find that the brother is intimately involved with someone. Since this is CSI, and we already have 3 suspects, it can only be the nurse. I don't think they're sick enough to involve him with his sister. We find out a lot about this nurse, or should I say, she's not a nurse. She is still studying and only claims to be one. The brother and Mary seemed to approve of her, so it was no problem keeping her on. She's also not so clean after all. She was a stripper in her past, and I am not sure if the sister knew, but those two had some major issues with each other.

We learn that Mary spells Jayne's name every time she comes to visit - but amazingly she wrote the name early on one weekend. Interesting? Everything points away from Jayne until this point, and now she is the prime suspect. We later find the hammer used to smash the bust and the regulator, as well as the fact that she tried framing her brother. Her brother is still being a punk, but a punk with a point. Why would he be so sloppy to leave his tracks everywhere?

Enjoy the confession. It was all about jealousy, and that the brother loved Mary (who wasn't his real sister) as his own sister. I'm sure that the nursing student and the brother enjoyed a long life together, and that Jayne was locked up for life, making her eligible for parole in 6 months in a very low security prison where they enjoy resort accomodations on the taxpayer (they live like animals). This one is in the books.


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