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WP7: Microsoft begins to promise delivery of updates

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 in Technical Articles (Views: 2448)
Yesterday, Steve Ballmer opened up his mouth, and without sticking a foot in it, finally took Microsoft a step in the right direction in the first of two Windows Phone 7 updates. We know that they will be released in 2011, and on best guess and knowing the history of this company, one will probably be "soon" or first half of the year, and the other towards the end of the year. Unfortunately, Microsoft made no formal statement as to when, so I'm left to my best guesses.

The first update contains things like copy/paste and CDMA (Sprint/Verizon) support. I don't know if this was Microsoft's way of leaving it out and then implementing it 100 times faster than Apple, but who knows.

Some other planned updates is the addition to Internet Explorer 9 into the phone, support for Office documents in the cloud, multitasking, and things like Twitter integrated into the phone. Overall, if this pans out, Microsoft would have delivered on their promise to produce quality updates for this phone.

We'll see what the future holds - but if updates keep coming, and not at the expense of the phone, its performance, or forcing customers to buy new devices to get these updates, I think Microsoft will poise themselves well to compete with the likes of Google and Apple.


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