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Pro Wrestling

Sting, the champ again?

Monday, March 07, 2011 in Professional Wrestling (Views: 2683)
Of all the things I've seen, an interesting swing happened at TNA Wrestling, and from a business perspective, makes no sense. With Jeff Hardy's legal battles about to have its final day in court, a strange storyline plays out. Ken Anderson, who recently lost the title, by (cough) "rule" has a rematch. Rob Van Dam, who has a grudge match scheduled with Jeff, has a title match instead. Confusing as it may get, the screen pans out to Hulk Hogan getting a call from the "network" that they have a surprise challenger for Hardy and that he will be inserted into the match. By the way, for those who know Hulk Hogan can't wrestle, add one more thing, he can't act either (anyone remember Mr. Nanny?)

So, out of nowhere comes Sting, the man known as Steve Borden. It seems that Steve and the world championship have an interesting relationship. In his first title reign, he beat Ric Flair in 1990, kind of the end of an era for the 80's, for Ric Flair, and for the most part being on its last legs, the Horsemen. Since then, it seems Steve becomes champion as it applies to some political motivation or marketing swerve. Prior to Steve's return, TNA removed him from the website - and talks of Steve going to the WWE looked like a lock, or he was retiring. Knowing Steve, he would have never joined Vince's circus for reasons that are obvious. He saw how Vince treated his talent, and especially after the purchase of WCW in 2001, knew that it was no place to work. So, it looked like retirement, and let's face it - he's 51 years old, it's his time to retire.

What seemed odd in this storyline was that Sting comes out, Hardy has a look on his face of "I never prepared for this", and Steve basically pounds Jeff for about 10 minutes before having a convincing, clean victory. There was no interference, no outside the ring drama, and for the most part, you started feeling that Jeff was having a screwjob laid down on him. With Jeff soon to be out of action from his drug charges, a change needed to be made.

What makes no sense? The title changed hands without incident, no word from Steve. The company has too many "baby faces" and really needs a heel to be champion, for this to sell. So, will Steve be the antagonist? Kind of a neutral champion that will take on everyone without a real grudge match? I think it may be some time before this is sorted out, but my guess is that Steve's loyalties or their plans with him will remain a mystery for some time until they reveal their intentions with him.


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