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Dude, where's my update?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 in Technical Articles (Views: 1992)
Technology can sometimes generate more questions than answers. One of them recently is "Where is my update" for the Windows 7 phone. I have read articles about the success of the February and March updates, none of which has seen the light of day in public.

When confronted with this information, the answer is to put up the equivalent of a FAQ page online that basically says "we're testing" and a blog that is a lot of nothing, explaining that the fault is with the carriers.

I have chosen to go back to my iPhone, and decided that Windows Phone 7 can wake me up when their act is together. I'll blog more on that experience later. Nobody's talking, and whoever is making noise, the words aren't intelligible or helpful. What I did, as a consumer, hear loud and clear was that frequent updates were coming. Now all I hear is "Where's my update?", not to mention all of the negativity surrounding the uncertainty, the doubt, and those who feel cheated.

Let's not forget that this isn't Microsoft's first phone. The PocketPC phone, which later became Windows Mobile, was at its inception light years ahead of its competition. It was so far ahead that it priced itself out of the common market, but was worth it. People at that time just wanted to have a phone that made calls, and to some degree, do text messaging. Now, Microsoft has been passed and is claiming their product is new and not mature.

It really is simple. You make a promise? Deliver. It's not time to call this the "Kin 2" or say it's the end of the product. But, upsetting the early adopters and getting people to second guess their purchase isn't a way to win the market back.


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