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iPhone vs. WP7 (Revisited)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 in Technical Articles (Views: 5040)
Thanks to the lack of Windows Phone 7 updates, I have decided to put it away until updates are finally being pushed. In that time, I have went back to my iPhone, and now that I've used both, I am going to weigh in on both devices.

There are features of both phones I missed, and in no particular order, my thoughts of iPhone 3GS vs. iPhone, in no particular order:

- The UI for Windows Phone 7 is easier to manage and a bit less cluttered. The iPhone group concept is nice, and maybe someday WP7 will catch up to this, once people start installing 500 apps on their phone.
- I missed iPhone's abilty to search an Exchange Server for mail content that wasn't synced on the phone. Windows Mobile had this, but took it out in 7.
- The games for WP7 have a lot more potential, and are better. However, the iPhone had more selection and their games are still good. Call this one a draw.
- The WP7 device UI is quite a bit cleaned up and improved.
- The Zune software is much easier to navigate and restore a phone
- The iPhone actually delivers updates and improvements, just updated to iOS 4.3. Along that line, upgrades for the iPhone come with the hardware. So far, all updates work with the original hardware.
- I do like the WP7 device's Facebook integration, although don't understand why another app is needed.
- I've missed a lot of the app support Apple has - and how many companies have yet to develop for WP7.
- WP7 hands down got it right on seperating email accounts, and multiple Exchange server identities. The iPhone lumps it all together, with a common signature.
- I do like the flair and pizazz that the music and video hub has for WP7. I find it much easier and flashier to flip around for podcasts and other media. I can't believe I would say this, but in comparison, Apple seems dull here.
- For a phone that's about social networking and communication, there are no IM apps for WP7. Even Windows Live Messenger belongs to a third party.
- iPhone definately wins on battery life

Overall, both phones are decent and have value. However, for work, it's the iPhone hands down as it has the enterprise features I'm looking for. For play, it's still the iPhone due to app support and companies invested in the platform, but by a narrow margin.

I really didn't miss the iPhone at first, but after playing with it again, see the value in it. I also see the value of making your early adopter base angry in the early going. It's the whole reason this test was started in the first place.


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