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Forefront 2010: Easy Install and a good win?

Monday, May 02, 2011 in Technical Articles (Views: 3672)
Forefront has been, in the past, not very well regarded as a serious platform for Antivirus. For the most part, many have said that putting Microsoft in the direct line of fire for Antivirus is the equivalent to putting a fox in charge of the hen house.

In the last few years, Microsoft has made positive strides to provide some type of Antivirus that was worth using. Security Essentials, offered as a free Antivirus package a couple of years ago, has had positive reviews. Be that as it may, FEP 2010 really has raised the bar over 2007.

FEP 2010 offers a very simple install path, a very simple upgrade path, and can be accomplished in SCCM in a matter of minutes. One feature I do like in 2010 is the ability to directly connect to the internet for updates as opposed to using WSUS or Software Updates, which safely said, is a complete pain to say the least.

To install FEP 2010, a simple command line is needed: /q /s. That's it.

To manage FEP 2010 policy? There's a few ways. The conventional GPO method is nice and all, there's a tool to extract the policy and create the ADMX. Or, for those who use SCCM, you can manage policy right from the console extension.

Looks like a good win for Microsoft on this one.


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