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Windows 10, slightly after release..

Friday, August 07, 2015 in Technical Articles (Views: 1374)

So, there was a lot of talk about Windows 10 prior to its release. People couldn't wait, because of the "hate for 8". Now, it's been out for a little while and the dust has settled, what do we see?

First, the interface is different - some would concede a compromise between 7 and 8, with this thing called "Tablet mode" insuring you will always have the Windows 8 experience. Please, Microsoft stock jumped a full dollar on Windows 10's RTM date because they wanted anything but 8 in their future.? Personally, I see it as a nice compromise. The multi desktop experience, new to Windows 10, has been around the Linux world for over a decade. Microsoft has always believed that marketing can trump reality, and so far, has been successful at it.

But, one major turn for the worse is this "storage" or OneDrive option. Whereas in Windows 8 you could work with all your files offline, Microsoft has deemed it necessary that all your files, all the time, be downloaded to your system, regardless. Now, if you work on one, maybe 2 systems, not a big deal - even if it's 20GB of data. It may be annoying to download it all at first, but you'll get it. What if you use 5 or 6 systems, or just want to keep files there for archival purposes? Download them when you need to use or modify them like Windows 8 did? Apparently, Microsoft sees this as wrong, and a lot of the community isn't liking Microsoft for what they did here.

Overall, the upgrade experience wasn't bad. I actually used SCCM to upgrade mine, and it worked well. Also, Windows to Go on 10 is still a bit shaky, with a blue screen on every boot (then it boots fine, go figure), but the experience wasn't bad. I can see the future of Windows being adware, however. When popups appear of "how do you feel about the upgrade experience?" shouldn't come to me. I want to use my system, not feel accountable for a survey because I did something with it.

Overall, I am lukewarm about Windows 10. It's a new version of Windows, but the years have jaded me a bit. The next big thing has come and gone so many times that I don't even bother to care as much. But, the facelift is appreciated, and maybe this will spark some interest back to Windows from all the other devices out there, who knows...


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