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Microsoft: Sorry, something went wrong

Wednesday, September 09, 2015 in Technical Articles (Views: 3001)
I guess the new Microsoft has a tendency to apologize for about everything it releases these days, and they should. So little works out of the box as designed or "promised".

This happy little dialog came from 2 needs: 1. SharePoint was broken and couldn't get anything to come up from it (besides this error), and 2. Once I got the crawler to work:

Needless to say, the Microsoft of the new millennium set out on a goal, a mission, to make Windows and Microsoft products as easy to use as the common toaster to the common man. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say "epic fail". Don't worry though, we have Microsoft Support, their product documentation to help. So, you go to the Microsoft product documentation and find others fought as you did:

0 of 3 found this helpful, really? If you're lucky…

So, 1 of 7 – 14% of people found this useful. It's progress, and I'm sure the spin doctors at Microsoft are hard at work with it, telling the world how superior their work is.

The good news for some employee who just needed a checkbox on his review that keeps him just good enough not to be fired for another year isn't obviously held to a metric of any of the content creation actually being relevant.

So, I will push on, and my apologies to my readers over search not working. SharePoint is broken by design, but I don't know of anyone who actually enjoys the product, just endures it.

Rant over.

Update: Ironically I went to publish this article and got a message that the pictures in the post couldn't be uploaded.

Click "More Information" for details, and this pops up:

I suppose using their current products is considered old. Seriously Microsoft, do you know your ass from your elbow, or have you dumbed down your company that much from all your forcing out of talent? Thankfully, Microsoft's reliability to the rescue, whenever something goes wrong, just delete and recreate it and things will be good in the world again. Just wondering how much longer Microsoft can survive with these substandard products and support.


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