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Group Policy and the Central Store

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 in Active Directory (Views: 2388)
One of my favorite lines is "Casual use of advanced features complicates troubleshooting". So, let's get to one of those annoyances, if set up wrong, the Group Policy central store.

By default, a domain controller stores policy definitions at %systemroot%\policydefinitions. However, when using the centralized store (assuming your domain is test.lab), you would store your admx and adml files in \\test.lab\sysvol\test.lab\policies\policydefinitions and \\test.lab\sysvol\test.lab\policies\policydefinitions\(language), respectively.

So, you dump a new admx and adml file in this folder and realize, "what happened to all my GPO settings, they are still applying?". Well, they are, but you can only see the one admx you put into the repository. You can't modify any of the other GPO settings.

The easy fix for this is to take the content of %systemroot%\policydefinitions and dump this into \\test.lab\sysvol\test.lab\policies\policydefinitions. Once you do this, you will see all of your GPO settings again, maybe even a few you don't remember having. :)

It may take some time for the domain controllers to replicate, but once they do, it will be payday.

Just a quick blog, sometimes the documentation isn't completely clear on how to implement these admx files.


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