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Pro Wrestling

Kurt Angle in 2012

Thursday, June 09, 2011 in Professional Wrestling (Views: 4648)
Is the former Olympic Gold Medalist is running for President? I'm sorry to say that he isn't. This blog is a long time coming.

I heard a while ago that Kurt Angle was going to try out for the London Olympics in 2012. As a former wrestling Gold Medalist in Atlanta in 1996, I wish Kurt all the best in making our country proud, again.

Kurt has been a professional wrestler (no affiliation with actual wrestling) since the 90's, and has brought a level of class and professionalism to the business. He also has brought something that few wrestlers actually do into the matches, which is actual wrestling skill. Some of his better matches involving Chris Benoit were real showcases of his skills and talent.

Kurt is also good on the microphone, but overall, has been a great ambassador to the business. All the best to you, my friend. Make us proud.


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