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Removing and replacing DFS Namespaces

Friday, April 08, 2016 in Active Directory (Views: 4539)
DFS can be a great resource, but quite a pain when it doesn't work. A few notes from when a friend changed computer names on DFS nodes without doing proper research first, and what it took to fix their issue.

So, first, the good news is that DFS replication will work fine with renamed servers. That's the good news. The rest, is all bad news.

So, start on the bad news, what are the things to watch out for?

First, DFS is anything but clean. This simply means you'll need to clean up a few things, first in Active Directory.

You may start with this error:Properties cannot be set on the namespace server \\SERVER.domain.local\Share. Access is denied

- Waltz into ADSIEDIT and head to CN=,CN=Dfs-Configuration,CN=System,DC=
- Delete the orphaned namespaces
- Now to sync AD, so on your domain controller: repadmin /syncall
- Then you can run dfsrdiag PollAD on the nodes in question to speed up the process a bit.

We're not out of the woods. Now to this error: the share must be removed from the distributed file system before it can be deleted

First, stop the DFS service, then... you'll need to delete 4 more sets of registry keys on your DFS hosts (your orphaned DFS namespaces will be in here):
Note: If you're on a Server 2003 DFS, it will be Domain, or 2008 mode, DomainV2.

Now, reboot the server.
If in DFS Management the namespaces still show, remove them.

From here, you can now recreate your DFS namespaces. Pretty easy, all things considered - but lesson to be learned. If you don't want downtime, you may want to do your research first - otherwise, just follow these hair pulling steps.

Hope this is helpful for someone else...


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