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Freemium Games

Saturday, May 7, 2016 in Technical Articles (Views: 1082)

A new kind of software has come out in the last couple of years with increased popularity. Well, I can't say it's more popular than it is available these days. For those who haven't been around long enough to remember, here's a brief lesson on how we got to this point...

  • Freeware: This is simply no more than software is released, someone can use it for no cost and either distributed as a promotion to something else or just out of the goodness of their hearts.

  • Adware: Some can debate this next piece, but freeware that puts in ads to make money is adware. Whether or not you can pay to remove the ads is another story, but the ads are just there for the designer to make money.

  • Shareware: Some also refer to this as "nagware", but this had some ugly forms, especially in BBS days in the early 90's. People would find ways to digitize into their DOS code the family and children you were starving not paying for their software. Whereas all are not that extreme, it was annoying. This software, nags aside, can still be used for free.

  • Trialware: Much like shareware, but more like commercial, trialware allows you to use it before it "timebombs". Microsoft Office is a good example of this.

  • Commercial: Just the software you could buy off the shelf, or in today's world, digitally download like Office.

Now, what is freemium. Well, anyone who plays games on their phone or tablet is used to this by now. Say you have a game, and the game requires use of "coins" and "gold". Coins may be easy to come by, but gold isn't. However, in order to play the game, you need gold. Worse, you need gold to upgrade your skills or abilities to even play at or advance in the game.

This wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that gold is very sparse, and the only way to really get it is to buy it. Now, how do you go about this?

Some games will allow for free "gold" by watching videos or doing offers, and sometimes generous. But, most of the time, it involves paying. What is it worth to do this? Well, personally, I won't pay more than a game is worth, which to me maxes out at $5.00. But, these games can be annoying and to be honest, I would be one to say "just charge for it". When I see games like these, and they get annoying and start begging for money, it's time to uninstall.


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