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Hillary Clinton: The great uniter

Saturday, June 4, 2016 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1261)
Hillary Clinton, dare I say something nice about her? Well, let's see just what comes to my mind... She's a lying scumbag who essentially changes to whereever the political winds blow. She let 4 Americans die because of State Department negligence. She took classified data and put it on her own "personal" server which was allegedly easily hacked by a Romanian.

Had it been anyone else, it would be prison...

Now, why is this so interesting? Well, Republican or Democrat, we know a few things:
1. Nothing will happen to Hillary.

The general American public are sheep and too stupid to vote intelligently. This does go both ways as stooges exist in both parties. The intelligent voting public is a small amount. This will be delayed, pushed under the carpet, and make for good news and drama here and there, but nothing comes of it.

2. People are out to save their own bacon
Someone who gets that far up the ranks didn't through it through complete honesty. Politicians are one of two things (or both), either they are dirty or lack the experience. My thoughts on this later.

3. Politicians are like us - scared for their jobs
Simply put, most cower away when their job is at stake. They can let their principles go and what they believe to be morally right. Sure, I know that I'll take a lot for that statement from a lot of big talkers, but the truth is, most will talk a great game until their job is on the line. Then, common decency kicks in where they don't need to disrobe to see the yellow streaks up their backs. Who on earth is going to attack Hillary now, knowing that you may wind up working for her? It's dirty at the top, very dirty - and bad things can happen to those who cross her now.

Democrats would never attack Hillary because it's feeding on their own. Republicans now won't (or some may grandstand it) because they know that their lives can shall we say drastically change if Hillary wins. If she loses, it will likely be forgotten that she just decided to violate the laws that lesser offenses would have landed normal people in prison.

3 good reasons I believe, why Hillary has brought both Democrat and Republican alike together. It's all about politics, and politicians all have a similar goal - to keep their jobs, save their skin, and keep the status quo. Maybe she is a uniter, after all.


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