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SCEP Report and Definition Ages

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 in System Center (Views: 1524)
But, let's say you are looking to simply gather antivirus/antispyware definitions from System Center Endpoint Protection and need a simple report of the system, whether it's enabled, and the dates of the signature definition.

So, hopefully this query will work for your needs:

s.Name0, a.AntivirusEnabled, a.AntispywareEnabled, a.AntivirusSignatureUpdateDateTime, a.AntispywareSignatureUpdateDateTime, a.OnAccessProtectionEnabled
v_GS_AntimalwareHealthStatus a
inner join v_r_system s on a.resourceid=s.resourceid
where a.AntivirusSignatureUpdateDateTime is not null and a.AntispywareSignatureUpdateDateTime is not null
order by a.AntispywareSignatureUpdateDateTime, s.Name0

Happy reporting!


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