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Saturday, July 16, 2011 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 2984)
I was reading an article in the USA Today earlier this week that since 2001, 25,000 breaches of TSA security has happened. But, here's a simple question. We know of 25,000 - but what about the ones we don't? The times I've made it through TSA and didn't realize I had a bottle of water from work in my bag, or the occasional screwdriver, or I'm sure worse that people have done.

So despite all the "enhanced" security, there's a lot of breaches the TSA doesn't know about. One would think if the "Government Knows Best Act", first introduced by G.W. Bush, and then perfected by Barack Hussein Obama, that there woudl be none. But we all know, the more money the government puts in to something, the more likely it is to be a total screwup.

Perhaps we should stop the miracle workers who can make a 95 year old wheelchair bound woman walk again, all the sexual assaults and gropings, and actually do what works - profiling. I know Perv in Chief Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow muslims would love to see Israel extinct, but the folks in Israel have it right. How do they make it work? They talk to people. If someone is acting, looking, or saying things that seem funny, they're stopped.

So, instead of taking away more human dignity, we should do what works. Obviously, what we're doing isn't.


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