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The political middle finger

Wednesday, November 09, 2016 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1121)
So, the public spoke. Hillary lied, Hillary cried. She thought she positioned herself perfectly, above the law, lying, cheating, giving away national secrets, even killing Americans with indifference. Trump to many was a joke, me included. Nobody thought he would make it as far as he did, but kept succeeding. Then, election night.

When the night started, I expected a few southern states to give Trump an early and tiny lead, giving a sliver of hope to "Hillary Haters" and then be promptly blown out. As the night progressed, Trump kept the lead, and then some strange things happened. Ohio fell Trump, then North Carolina, then Florida. Then the "blue wall" started collapsing, and then, of all places, Pennsylvania which sealed it for Trump.

As the night progressed, "I'm with her" started to fade, and the faces were getting long, then crying. Then, like any strong leader would do, Criminal Clinton decided to send one of her clowns out to rally the troops, knowing she had lost, and sent them all home. Promptly 20 minutes later, she gave it up quietly without a crowd to start a riot. Either that was a move with complete disregard for internal communication, or calculated because Criminal Clinton couldn't face her little cult, let alone run a country.

Despite all the roadblocks, despite impoartial moderators coming to debates essentially wearing "I'm with her" shirts and feeding her questions, the public saw that just on record alone, Criminal Clinton created a lot of "Hillary Haters". It was seemingly one of the biggest upsets in Presidential race history and really a giant middle finger to Obama's legacy as well as standing with a criminal (how many got rich from "Obama Monies" again?). Maybe America finally once passed a stupid test. We'll see - we know what Clinton would have done, and it's why she lost. Trump? Well, we don't know, but it may at least be more entertaining. Let's also not forget he was outspent 10:1, and had 7:1 less staff than Criminal Clinton. People came to Trump rallies to see him, not be bought off by huge shows and celebrities.

Nobody thought Donald Trump would actually pull it off, he was seen as a joke and token candidate everywhere. I don't even know if he truly believed he'd win. You're hired.


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