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Pro Wrestling

The beast is slayed, what's next

Friday, November 25, 2016 in Professional Wrestling (Views: 1591)
So, I suppose that there won't be much to say about the match between Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. According to the fight scorecard, the match went all of 26 seconds.

Some may call it the "lucky punch", but am a little surprised that Vince's circus went this route. I know Brock Lesnar is hard to negotiate with, and honestly, it was getting old. Do I think he's gone forever? No, but gone for now - and honestly really was getting pretty old with him and Paul running their mouths.

So, Bill Goldberg is a money maker, and has been paid to sit on the sidelines by Vince's circus and not compete. Now, they are going to regenerate some of their losses.

You kind of thought one of two outcomes would come for this match:
- Lesnar wins: Nothing changes and we're back to finding a new opponent.
- Goldberg wins: Hard to believe he would be a one match wonder after all these years. So, it was no surprise he's talking title run now.

The fastest way to get Goldberg in that picture is the upcoming Rumble, which I would favor him to win. He has all the push, and really something has to be done with this "Kevin Owens show", it's been flat for some time.

So, problem with Bill is that he wins and who will stop him? Remember Kevin Nash and the cattle prod in 1998 which cost him the title finally as he was winning the chant "Oldberg". So, what's going to happen when he wins the title? I sense either an injury "off camera" or he'll give it up not long after winning it. Bill will really clean this show back up and maybe regain some lost fans. Like I've always said, there's power in nostalgia.

Expect Bill Goldberg to win the Rumble, or lose in controversy, which will give him a chance to "make it right" and sell Wrestlemania tickets. I kind of like the message he's sending in the industry and think he will be a big plus to it.

My 2 cents.


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