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What Nintendon't

Friday, April 14, 2017 in Technical Articles (Views: 1432)
Just my two cents and a quick blog, but amazingly the Classic Nintendo is no longer going to be sold and production has stopped, leaving sales to scalpers. The main reason given was to not be a distraction for the new Nintendo Switch, which has already made some great numbers in North America alone.

As a classic gamer, I would be more drawn to the Classic, but revenue is revenue. If I had to choose, I'd likely buy just the classic, as really I am more an Xbox fan. But if I were a Nintendo fan? I'd eventually cave and buy both - one for retro and the other as a next gen.

The article header thankfully provided by Sega, if anyone goes back to the classic ads for Genesis (you can't do that on Nintendo). That Tommy Lasorda baseball, something for its day.


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