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Beware of fake faxes from

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 in Technical Articles (Views: 1246)
Just a quick shout out and blog on a new fax scam. I received an email today asking me to click a link to receive a new fax, here is the email message:

Incidentally, the email address has been masked, but was sent to the proper email, so it was personalized to a point.

[Caller-ID: 454-940-6306] has sent you a new eFax Message.

Please click below to view your fax, online, in Microsoft Word:

Size: 284 kb
Date: 4/24/2017

For additional assistance, visit

Thank you for using our services!

© 2017 j2 Global, Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, “j2”). All rights reserved. eFax® is a registered trademark of j2.

If you look at/copy the link, you will see it is not going to, but, a malicious site.

A public service announcement, now returning to your previously scheduled programming.


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