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Remote Desktop

RemoteApp and Smartcard Authentication

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 in Technical Articles (Views: 1063)
For those who use Smartcards to log in, the RemoteApp website, known as RDWeb, can be a pain.

But, there is hope. Instead of using the website, you can actually use native RemoteApp in Windows. Here's how it works at a high level:
  • You input the URL for your RemoteApp feed into Windows
  • Log in with your Smartcard
  • The apps will show on your start menu (please wait for indexing) as "Work Resources"

Please keep in mind that you should be patient for Windows Indexing to catch up with your newly added program shortcuts. The benefit to this way of accessing RemoteApp is that you will not have to login to the website every time you want to use it, and the icons will always be on your start menu for you and will refresh on a schedule.

How do you do this?
On Windows 7/8/8.1/10:
  • In Control Panel, go to All Control Panel Items
  • Click on RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
  • Click Access RemoteApp and desktops
  • Enter the connection URL: Such as
  • Click Next and enter your credentials(this is where the Smartcard comes in)
  • You're all set, enjoy :)

But, wait. There's more. You can also set up RemoteApp on a server based OS as well. It's a great way to access applications without installing them on the actual server.

Your apps will show up as Program Name (Work Resources). So for example, if you have Calculator published, it would appear as "Calculator (Work Resources)".

A much more convenient way to access RemoteApp, and Smartcard enabled too. :)


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