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Setting up Windows 8 Developer Preview and VMWare

Friday, September 16, 2011 in Technical Articles (Views: 3034)
A couple of things may come up when you load Windows 8 Developer Preview from the ISO in VMWare Workstation. First, you can't be using V7.x of Workstation, or you'll get a HAL mismatch error (the x86 says this, the x64 just crashes). You will need to pony up for VMWare Workstation V8 to run Windows 8.

One message you may get when you try booting to the ISO is:
Windows cannot read the setting from the unattend answer file

If this is the case, the default floppy drive image is connected. To get around this error, you can either disconnect the floppy, or set it to Auto (not to the default image). Once you do this, restart to the ISO and you'll see Windows 8 setup appear.

One other issue is the VMWare tools - when you attempt to install them, if your floppy isn't set to Auto, you'll get an error that the VMWare tools can't be set up while Easy Setup is still running. Once you set this correctly, the tools install and run quite well.

Enjoy the preview of Windows 8..


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