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CM12: When PXE only works once on an unknown client...

Friday, November 25, 2011 in System Center (Views: 2654)
So, looks like Config Manager 2012 blogs have made it to the site.

This is a short one, and a quickie. Since we are still in RC for SCCM 2012, there may be a few bugs/issues/annoyances that you may have to deal with. Of course, there is the beauty of having no documentation at this point, so it's pretty much every man for themselves.

Here could be one:

One thing I was going through was PXE boot. I could PXE boot once, and if I rebooted, the TS failed, or for whatever reason chose not to complete the TS, I could no longer PXE boot.

Thankfully, there is a SQL query I found that will resolve this. I found these machines were showing up as "Unknown" in the database, so take a look at this in your lab, may be helpful: Of course, standard disclaimers apply, make sure to have a good backup before any direct writes to your database.

delete from System_DISC where Netbios_Name0='Unknown'
delete from System_AUX_Info where Netbios_Name0='Unknown'

Once I ran this query and restarted WDSServer, I was then able to PXE boot again. I didn't test this on a known client, but for bare metal or unknown machines, I did find this issue.


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