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In Retro: The Cain Train

Thursday, January 19, 2012 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 3033)
So, it's been a while since I blogged about anything political - and there has been so much happening in the Republican primaries. We started with quite a few people, and as of now, we are down to 4. I do want to speak a little bit about the "Cain Train".

Full disclosure, Herman Cain was my horse for the early primaries. I thought he had a good message, although he tripped on himself on foreign policy, and then tried covering it up. The big blunder was speaking matter of fact on a situation he knew nothing about, and then made up for it by saying he would never speak on an issue he wasn't fully educated on. He did rebound and learn from it, but I saw this as another loss.

The real issue is Cain was right up with Romney, and really had the chance to take the nomination. But, the smear campaign started from the left, and out of nowhere Cain became a womanizer and seemed that there wasn't a woman he wouldn't sexually harass. No matter how unstable the woman was, how shaky the story was, Cain was the womanizer. No proof, nothing solid. We also know that anywhere Gloria Allred shows, that immediate credibility (or lack thereof) follows. I guess a lawyer whore and attention whore for the sake of money is a great combination.

The other problem? Cain is black. Oops, I said it. Barack Hussein Obama can't play the race card if he's running against another black man. Could you imagine Barack Hussein Obama running on the content of his character and record alone? Cain would wipe the floor with him.

So, the Cain train derails. Once he leaves the race, all of the sudden, the smears and attacks stop.


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