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Windows 8 Phone and Rumors

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 in Technical Articles (Views: 2008)
If we've learned anything from the media, is that anything can be said as matter of fact, even if it has no facts backing it. Take the primaries, or now, the Presidential race for 2012. One of my favorite examples is the one of Romney bullying a kid roughly 50 years ago. The alleged bullied kid has been dead for close to 10 years and can't confirm or deny the story, Romney doesn't remember whether or not he did it, and the family of the kid is speaking out completely against it since they feel it's nothing more a smear campaign. So who do we believe in all this? We simply can't - we don't have all the facts, or really any.

Enter Windows Phone into the fray, more importantly Windows Phone 8. For those who have the phone (and according to Forbes), all 2.2% of the market, which one would think would be fairly insignificant - or is it? The small follwing of Windows Phone users like the device, and many of them are invested in the platform and in all honesty, can be its best form of advertising. But, that small following will be what drives the phone forwards. I also believe that small following will turn larger as Microsoft finally has something to brag about in the mobile marketplace here.

To those in the community, no doubt the announcement by Nuno Silva is old news - the one that stated that all WP7 devices will be able to run WP8. After this announcement, Silva was promptly taken into the back. From here, it's all speculation that he was beaten and tortured before coming back out to say he misspoke. He meant to talk about app compatibility between WP7 apps on WP8. Since then, rumor has swirled wildly in about every direction whether or not the WP7 devices will run WP8. There have been reports both confirming and denying the idea, with "credible sources" and "seen testing on existing devices" both ways. For all we know, those rumors could be started by anyone - Apple, Google, or maybe some past or present Microsoft employee with an axe to grind, just about anyone. The most credible source is the silent one, Microsoft.

If the concept of "perception is reality" has taught us anything, Microsoft doesn't want to turn people sour by not saying anything negative. But, if there is no good news, they would postpone turning us off. Some believe that the longer they wait for an answer, the more Microsoft doesn't have one, or it's bad news. Some may think the best - and may be thinking that they are working on it, but don't want to promise anything yet. It's maddening.

With the WP developer conference coming up, there should be an answer fairly soon. It just seems hard to let rumor get the better of you, especially when you are hearing sources with completely conflicting statements. Knowing Microsoft, they won't want to fragment the phone market any more than the desktop/laptop market. Guess time will tell, but the PR nightmare continues without a really credible word.


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