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Nokia and Windows Phone: Living the dream?

Friday, June 08, 2012 in Technical Articles (Views: 3036)
When Windows Phone first came out, we were told about the "Windows ecosystem" and "frequent updates", but so far updates have really fallen flat. Mango, the most significant of the updates certainly was a good one once it was released, but it seemed to be a mess when and where updates are coming from.

This isn't the fault of Microsoft entirely, as some carriers like AT&T hold back updates so that customers will buy new phones. Microsoft doesn't exactly force carriers to update when an update is available, and hopefully that will change for the sake of the consumer. Unfortunately, AT&T is just one of those companies who's service is so bad the only way they can keep a customer base is to chain them to a contract.

Enter Nokia, who I learned today an update was available for my phone. You would think that 2 updates, one in April and one in June isn't exactly breakneck speed. However, Nokia is pretty much working to make sure that those who bought their flagship phones (and hopefully those to come) have a good experience, and buy their next phone as a Nokia.

Nokia gets it, and finally one that does. Thumbs up to Nokia and I'm looking forward to more good developments from them.


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