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The jury is in on Win Phone 8 upgrades

Sunday, June 24, 2012 in Technical Articles (Views: 4256)
Nokia has been really pushing their new phone, the flagship of Windows Phone - the Lumina 900, but unfortunately with one drawback. The 900 will not, after a mere couple of months on the market, get the coveted Windows Phone 8 (codenamed Apollo) upgrade.

Most of this saw this coming, even though Microsoft never confirmed it. Obviously, Microsoft is like most businesses, carrying the mind of a child. How do I say this? If a child did something great and extraordinary, they'll announce it to you and the world (good luck getting them to shut up). If a child fails or does something wrong, you have to drag it out of them. Well, when we had to drag the news out of Microsoft, we saw the lack of the upgrade coming. It would have been nice for them to be a little more up front about it, as now there are a lot of very angry customers that wasted their money on the 900.

It's not all bad news, "some" (haven't seen a final list) Windows Phone 7 devices will get the update to WIndows Phone 7.8, which will have "some" of the features of Windows Phone 8. I will say that many of the upgrades are hardware related, and the core OS of the phone is different, so really most of WP8 is irrelevant in that regard. One big issue is that WP8 apps will not be backward compatible.

Nokia has worked hard to make their customer experience a good one with frequent updates and upon Windows Phone 8, will be unleashing new phone apps for their customers. The jury is out if this will pacify the crowd who wasted up to $600 on this brick that can't be upgraded after only a couple months.

We'll see how things pan out - some of the marketing coming out of Windows Phone 8 looks enticing, but again, the jury is out as to whether the market will adopt it as a mainstay phone. Personally, I think Microsoft has something worth bragging about that the market hasn't adopted - and would love to see them pick up a little steam in this next release, PR issues and all.


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