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What's great about Windows Phone 8

Sunday, June 24, 2012 in Technical Articles (Views: 3484)
I've been saying even at Mango that Microsoft has some things to brag about with Windows Phone, even if the market hasn't adopted it.

The biggest one is that updates won't be controlled by phone vendors (AT&T customers rejoice). So the reasons why or why not your phone update is out is squarely in Microsoft's hands. They are only promising an 18 month lifecycle for the OS, about half what Apple offers, but better than Android. Seems a little skimpy, but there's plenty of time to change that policy.

Finally, hardware support is here - things like extra MicroSD cards for space, multicore processors.

A big one, and thankfully 7.8 updaters will get this as well, the Start screen has been changed from huge bulky icons to something smaller and cleaner.

There are some great things to look forward to, and hoping Microsoft gets their updates out as rumored in October, they may actually have a line of people looking to buy the new devices. Would be nice to see someone besides Apple with a line outside the door on launch day.


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