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Windows Media Center and (lack of) Volume Control

Saturday, October 06, 2012 in Technical Articles (Views: 3777)
It seems that this is just another "mystery" of Windows 7 Media Center and its configuration. But, if you were looking all over for this online, look no further.

Scenario: Windows Media Center, connected via HDMI to a television (in my case LCD). The volume control via the Media Center remote controls the TV volume, then mysteriously stops. This can be through a rebuild of the box, or just stops. The only volume settings that work are 0 (Mute), or 1-50, which plays the same volume level.

Fix: In the control panel, the Sounds applet will lead you to Sound Devices. Find the SPDIF device and navigate to the Advanced Tab. There are 2 boxes under the "Exclusive" section. Uncheck both of those boxes and restart Media Center (this may also require a restart).

This is what fixed the volume control issue for me. I've heard other things about drivers, but this is a path of lesser resistance.


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