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Thoughts on Surface Pro Rumors

Sunday, November 18, 2012 in Technical Articles (Views: 1907)
This was an answer I left on Yahoo answers with someone looking for a date or price point for Pro. Since it's been a while, thought I'd leave this answer for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

All that are out there are just rumors. There are no confirmed dates from anyone that matters (Microsoft would be the one), or on what the price points would be.

- Rumor has it that January will be the release date for the Pro.
- Another rumor is that the Surface Pro and the doubt about when it will be released was the reason the head of the Windows division at Microsoft was changed before Win8 and Surface were fully launched.

(My opinion) Since it will be running an Intel processor, it will most likely need a fan, making it like an actual laptop. A reasonable expectation is you can expect to put at least $1,000 down on a decent Pro. I wouldn't expect them to be much less, based on the RT prices.

To answer your question in a talking point, we were teased with rumors (not from Microsoft) about how low priced the Surface RT was, and were shocked at the sticker price when it came out. We've heard nothing from Microsoft about when the release date or price will be. We've heard nothing about production for the Pro even beginning, and as of today, it's Thanksgiving week.

Until you hear from Microsoft themselves, you have nothing but rumor. Nobody on Yahoo will be able to give you a concrete answer.


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