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Microsoft and the lack of clarity

Sunday, January 20, 2013 in Technical Articles (Views: 1930)
There has been a real mystery around the Surface Pro, and most of it has been caused by Microsoft, a company that seems to recently stopped being transparent.

Once Microsoft, a company proud to let everyone in as to what they were doing, when and how it would happen, has turned into a company full of public secrets which allows rumors to run wild.

Take for example, a few recent lapses of transparency, which caused a lot of disappointment from rumors:

Windows Phone 8 and the upgrade of the Lumia 900
This was the flagship phone for Windows 7, and a personal sore spot for me, being I owned one. It was blogged here as well. However, rumors swirled about the ability to upgrade the phone, with Microsoft not confirming or denying, leaving us to try to logic it out on our own. The end result was a phone upgrade "like Windows Phone 8", called 7.8. This lack of an upgrade has led the flagship phone, and the promised "ecosystem" with the phone and the rest of Windows to render this phone a functional brick.

Irony: Windows Phone 7.8 update
People are still waiting to hear some word about when their functional bricks will be updated, now we are into 2013.

Windows Surface pricing
This was one that I was sure Microsoft would step in on. There were all sorts of rumors swirling about the low price point that got people very excited. It was said that at one point that the Surface was coming out for $199, which would seriously threaten Apple. To be honest, it would probably threaten Microsoft too, since that price point may put them out of business.

I suppose for a company known for setting customer expectations and always proud of their direction, seems odd why there are so many secrets these days. Maybe it's because this is a different world than it was 10 years ago with technology, and people are seeing that it's not hard to leave the Windows ecosystem like it was then. Perhaps time for another blog.


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