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Media Center: When Recordings Fail (and they will)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 in Technical Articles (Views: 2713)
So, another quickie, but for those who are suffering through Media Center, there isn't a lot of data out there when recordings and tuners fail.

Generally speaking, people ask if you've updated drivers or firmware, which of course, is an obvious. For those who do and still have problems, here are a few things to look at...

- Media Center has a set of logs in the Event Logs under Media Center.
- Look for EventID 8, which is a failed recording
- In my case, rebooting the box always fixes things, so you can set up a scheduled task to reboot based on the EventID trigger
- It's vague as to whether or not this is supposed to happen, but my best guess is that the recording stays in a failed state after the reboot. About the ONLY consolation you get here is that your next recording is more likely to work, or you'll get the next showing. So, pray it's not a live event you're missing.

Hopefully that sheds a little quick light on how to fix Media Center when the tuner ultimately screws with you.


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