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MDT Migration from SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 in System Center (Views: 4665)
So, here are the steps to migrate the MDT Task Sequence, running MDT 2012 Update 1 to SCCM 2012 from SCCM 2007 and the same version of MDT. A few gotchas in that MDT specific steps won't migrate. This is an example of what the logs look like when you attempt migrating it:

I just left my site code objects in there from my lab. If you happen to be searching the internet and have the same exact ObjectID for your Task Sequence, well, consider yourself lucky.

- The following actions in task sequence V4P0000B are not standard in Configration Manager 2007: BDD_UsePackage. Import into System Center 2012 Configuration Manager may fail. Is an extension installed in CM2007, such as the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)?
- ERROR: [Worker]: Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.Migration.MigrationException: Failed to migrate 1 objects at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.MigrationManager.MultiSourceSiteObjectMigrationJob.
d__e.MoveNext() at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.MigrationManager.Job`1.ExecuteNext()
...and ultimately...
ERROR: [MigMCtrl]: FAILED to EXECUTE job. error = Unknown error 0x80131500, 80131500

Migration steps of the Task Sequence for 2007 to 2012:
- Set permissions in all primary sites in 2007
- At minimum, give the 2012 server account permissions, or an entire site servers group.
- When asked, copy rights from another user, use the SYSTEM account.
- Collection will immediately begin
- Any child primary sites will also be listed. You will need to configure credentials for each of these.
- Duplicate the MDT Task Sequence for reference.
- Remove the MDT specific steps in the Task Sequence. What I did was replaced the MDT specific steps with "Run Command Line" with what steps to replace. The steps I replaced were Run Toolkit Package, Gather, Validate.
- Create a migration job. In this case, you will pick an object migration, since you are only moving a TS over. Once you select Task Sequences, all objects which depend on the TS will be automatically added to the job.
- If you choose to immediately run the job, this will likely take quite a while. You can check the job status in the console by clicking the "Objects in Job" tab, or the migmctrl.log on the site server.
- Once the migration is finished, replace each step you removed by editing the Task Sequence. Remember, you only need to create each type of step once, let the magic of copy and paste take care of the rest.

One thing to note: If you miss a step in the process, and the migration winds up failing, it's no big deal. Make your correction, wait a couple minutes for the provider to catch up, and start the job again.


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