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Windows 8: Your purchase can't be completed

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 in Technical Articles (Views: 2336)
A bit of a tirade, as I spent the majority of last night troubleshooting an issue without any real help. So, after my lashing of the Windows 8 store, hopefully this will be some help to you.

First, I purchased a game for $6.99 from the Windows Store, which failed to install. The error code was 80207 with the messages "Something went wrong" and "The app could not be installed". Translated, Windows error messages 80207 says "Success". Now, obviously what I call success and what Microsoft does are 2 different things. I suppose if by "Success" you mean Microsoft takes my money and I'm left with nothing, then that was the case. Computers, however, are inanimate objects, so they really don't care one way or the other. In a technical sense, it is beyond reason how something fails with a success code.

I've always found the weakest part of Windows 8 to be the store. It is rarely reliable and for the most part, won't connect even when I'm online (on several machines). Whereas the concept of Windows 8 is certainly different and to a degree cool and made for a whole new generation of users and devices, the store shows signs of old Windows. The store fails often, rarely makes technical sense when it does break, and there really isn't any real troubleshooting help. Perhaps you can call Microsoft and pay more to speak to someone to fix a problem buying from their store.

Microsoft is trying to take aim at Apple in the tablet market, and in my experiences, iPads are everywhere. They are trying to catch the perennial front runner, and I believe that the Surface (RT and Pro) and other third party made tablets with Windows 8 certainly have the capability of closing that gap. However, they are trying to "Think Differently" in how they do their store. If there is one thing Apple's store has going for it, it works. They should copy the success.

So, to the technical. Not a whole lot of help out there, just people for the most part just trying anything to get this to work. And this game hardly seems worth the $6,99, other than the fact that it bought the education that I won't be buying anything from them anytime soon until I forgive them for this. One would think since this brings in money, that this part of Windows would be one of the most cared for and tested parts of Windows. Wait, there was no problem giving money, it was getting the software.

So, some possible solutions from online, some laughable...
- Did you reboot?
- I changed my account in Windows Store and changed back
- I changed from a local to Windows Live account and changed back
- I reset my PC (Seriously, for a game, I would rebuild my whole system?)

Here's what I did that at least got this to work. Not entirely sure what else broke in the process, but everything seems stable.
- Closed the store app, forcibly from Task Manager if you must
- Stopped wuauserv (Windows Update)
- Renamed the %windir%\SoftwareDistribution folder
- Restarted wuauserv (Windows Update)
- Went back to the Windows 8 store, and although the failed to install message was still there in the upper right corner, proceeded to install the app again. This time, it downloaded and installed.

In case any of you other technically inclined people run into this issue, this is what worked for me.


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