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Steve Ballmer's Departure

Sunday, August 25, 2013 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1915)
This past Friday, Steve Ballmer announced his retirement from Microsoft. Regardless of the back story being a forced retirement or one by choice, the markets really took to the news well.

What seems awkward is that stocks didn't jump, or show positive signs, it catapulted. Whereas that isn't unusual by itself, it catapulted based on the fact that there is no definite replacement has been named. They are just happy Steve Ballmer is gone.

Microsoft stock jumped $2.38 per share Friday. For those who have historically known Microsoft stock, it is very unusual that a company with that much stock jumps so sharply. The magnitude? Well, with 9 billion shares of stock out there, a $2.38 increases the company portfolio by $21.4 billion. A good day, I would say.

The last time I can remember Microsoft stock jumping $2.00 a share was the day Windows 7 released. Of course, we all know Windows 7 replaced Vista, which the markets hated. It wasn't that Windows 7 was that great (since people on its release day really didn't know if the market would like it or not), they just hated Vista.

Now could be the right time for Steve Ballmer to go. Microsoft took a bath on Windows RT, the Surface in general, and Windows Phone hasn't taken hold of the market like they would hope. Take into consideration Windows 8, who some consider the second coming of Vista, it seems Microsoft is in for a change.

The question will be who exactly will be Ballmer's replacement. There's one of two ways this can go. Either Microsoft stays as "business as usual", or they bring in someone from the "old school" who remembers the past and how Microsoft became great.

Guess time will tell for Microsoft. Seems that they have been a pillar in technology for some time and may simply lose their grip or re-establish it with their new CEO. Time to sit back and watch the show.


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