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The New Malware

Sunday, September 22, 2013 in Technical Articles (Views: 3079)
As a football fan, I am always looking to stay connected. So, enter the NFL app for Windows Phone, under official license from the NFL.

When I try installing the app, I am asked if the app has access to my current location.

Let me take a break for a moment here. Microsoft makes it part of their best practice and developer license to disclose what (if any) things an app needs access to on your phone. Optionally, companies should provide a viable alternative (although not required) to use the app. Some apps are practically crippled without some features, like a GPS and location services.

So, why does the NFL need to know where I am? I say, "No, you can't have access", and the app doesn't install. Fine, I can follow my team without the app and now am telling people why I won't use the app.

It makes me think, if the app is doing some things like this on your phone, what else could it be doing? I find companies like the NFL to be generally credible from a business standpoint, even if their games are somewhat fixed for profitability. My question is, what are you downloading when "happydude's happysoft" has an app you want to use?

Seems like today, more than ever, you should be careful of what you download and install. You never know what's waiting for you once you execute the code.


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