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Why not the Surface Pro 2?

Saturday, October 26, 2013 in Technical Articles (Views: 2634)
Well, I actually was one who bought the Surface 2 on pre-order, the day it was announced. However, some things caused me to change my mind as to the need.

If you are yet to own a Surface Pro, you'll like this device despite the high price point. I have enjoyed mine, and carry it everywhere. It is useful beyond measure, or moreso than any laptop type device I've had to date. The Pro 2 is also getting some good reviews out there as well.

First, the good. I carry around a boat anchor of a laptop. And, it's a powerful machine. I can take labs around with it, and can really do some client/server testing. Okay, so that's all that's good with the laptop. Honestly, if there is one thing the Surface is good for (RT included), it's to use it to connect to a real system that can do all that, using something like RDP. It also won't cause heat issues (at least not for the connecting box).

The good continues where carrying even 2 Surface devices is quite better than even a laptop in some cases. I remember simply carrying my RT and Pro around, I had to check the bag to make sure they were both still there. It was a huge weight off of me.

So, why not...
The Pro 2, I see, is much like the iPad 2 to 3 update. Sure, if you had a 1 or none at all, this was a great update and was something worthwhile. What are the selling points to the 2? Well, you can snap the device into 2 positions, which makes it more a laptop (big deal). It also comes with more space, a moderately overpriced 256GB option and a rediculously overpriced 512GB option). Both sport 8GB of internal memory and Windows 8.1, as opposed to the 4GB and Windows 8 of the previous model (which is upgradable to Windows 8.1). So, the hardware update is a little underwhelming.

The service at the Microsoft Store was really the decision maker. It's not that they aren't friendly or assuring. They know what to say and how to say it to make you feel better about your purchase. However, all the smiles and all the right words mean nothing if they are not helpful.

For some reason, my device was to ship October 21, 1 day before release, so I would have it on launch day. On the 23rd, I had called, since nothing arrived. They had yet to ship it, had no idea why, and would make a priority and escalate this matter to the proper department. I would have a personal call back in 2-4 business days. WTF? 2-4 days when it was supposed to ship the week prior? I told them to keep it. I was no longer in the mood to impulse buy. You would think unlike Obamacare, that this system would actually work, that Microsoft has sold something before.

If I want one, I'll buy one, most likely locally. But seriously, I just want the device, not a runaround.


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