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Again, the Microsoft Store fails to process...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 in Technical Articles (Views: 3636)
Well, the rant went on about Surface 2 and how the Microsoft Store botched the order. So, it was time to give them another chance. After all, things happen, and I was wise to forgive them, and of course with that forgiveness came consequences. I didn't buy the Surface 2, which to be honest, well rated as it is, isn't something that I really needed.

So, enter the Lumia 1520, which was released this past Friday. I pre-ordered this new phone as a replacement for the 920, and why not. It is a phone on steroids. It's a phablet, with a 6 inch screen. It has a 20mp camera, and better battery life. It even has new and exciting features such as, well, you get the point. The 1520 will be its own blog, I promise.

So, I was able to (this time) order the phone without any trouble. And, some good news here, since the phone came with quite a bundle. I received a free case (which was $40.00, probably worth maybe $4), and a gift card for $50.00 of free Apps for either the Windows or Windows Phone Stores. I als received Halo, Spartan Assault for free. Life is good here. So, the value was definitely there for me.

Until, last Thursday. With the device going live Friday and overnight shipping part of the bundle, I was anticipating a label to be created on this day, and the email generated. No such luck, so I called to find out where the phone was. To my surprise (not), they had no idea where the phone was, but would completely escalate this within 24-72 hours. Again, friendly and not helpful, is useless.

So, Friday I receive an email that my gift card and case had shipped. Goodie, a case and no phone. And, to my surprise on Saturday, they showed at the door. So, I was thinking, well, this is nice. And then later in the afternoon, another knock, and a UPS driver playing "Ding, Dong, Ditch". The phone showed.

A little conflicted, since Microsoft couldn't tell me where the phone was, when it was coming, or what was happening. Instead, I received the same form letter that many others did (due to overwhelming demand), giving me a $25 discount at the Microsoft Retail Store some other time. I will applaud Microsoft as a company for this one. They knew they botched this delivery as they did many others for this phone, and made it right by producing Saturday delivery, which isn't exactly the most economical option.

Let's get back to the overwhelming demand. I actually went to the AT&T store to look at, and investigate buying this phone. If they could offer me a similar deal, I would cancel the Microsoft store order. Thankfully, AT&T could not come close to the deal I received. One thing that was quite bothersome, however was that at 11am in a major city on rollout day, the store was empty, and it took the sales rep a while to actually find a 1520. Not from overwhelming demand, but from "I can't find the couple of them we have". Needless to say, I am missing the concept of overwhelming demand. I doubt that I will see many of these, but the value is certainly there.

Overall, it's a conflict for me, but will say Microsoft made right with me after really not getting this right the first time. It's doubtful I will pre-order again, but thakful it all worked out. It is a good device.


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