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Beating Windows 8.1 Enterprise Logon

Saturday, December 14, 2013 in Technical Articles (Views: 1846)
This is kind of a quickie blog, but a bit of a rant.

For those who use Windows 8/8,1 Pro, you know you can sign in without a Microsoft account, which makes sense, if you just want to do a local login, join it to the domain, and then have a domain joined user link their Microsoft account to a given profile.

However, Enterprise doesn't play so nicely. When you come up for the first time, it appears you have 2 options: Use a Microsoft account or sign up for a new one.

Logic tells me that more businesses don't want people linking their personal accounts to their work computers for both business and personal reasons. For business reasons, they don't want their data synced to SkyDrive on a personal account, much less people installing games they consider unauthorized (or other apps). So, kind of a fail where it kind of ropes you into this.

To get around this, I was able to find a way. First, go into the Sign up for a new Microsoft Account link, and instead of entering anything into these boxes, you'll see another link of "Don't use a Microsoft account". It is here you can create a local user login.

From an OS Deployment, Windows 8.1 Enterprise installs quite nicely, however, not everyone has this benefit of SCCM or MDT in their back pocket.

Just a quick rant/techie article this morning.


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