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MCTS and MCITP conquered

Thursday, July 19, 2007 in Technical Articles (Views: 4174)
Well, so today was the 70-621. And in the spirit of not wasting my employer's money in using test vouchers that were going to waste anyway, conquered both the MCT and MCITP Vista Enterprise certifications. This test was supposedly one of those marathon 4 hour exams, and it was conquered in about 30 minutes.

Uncharacteristic for Microsoft, this exam was very straight forward, and not too difficult (unless you didn't know Vista)... If you did, the answers jumped off the screen at you...

So, I'm now going to work on getting my developer certs upgraded, and possibly work on SQL. After this, I am definately taking a break for a while, and dumping all this new found knowledge into the website, or some other personal projects.


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