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Pulling teeth is like pulling teeth

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 6515)
Kind of a strange title for an article about good customer service, but I have to say my experience with pulling teeth has been like "pulling teeth".

I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth removed Monday. When I walked in, they sat me down, I waited a while, then was told that the surgeon had an emergency - a woman ahead of me had a respitory arrest. This, friends, is a big deal.

Unlike my blog "the doctor, or the doctor's office", the staff informed me of what was happening, and I was completely sympathetic over what happened, and I hope whoever the woman was, is doing well now. They told me they would reschedule me first thing Tuesday and would corner the other surgeon about pulling my wisdom teeth and call me right at 8:00.

Well, 8:30 came and went, and I did get a call at 8:40. He counter offered with taking out 2 of the teeth, neither of which were causing the problem... So I outright asked if there was anyone else that can do the surgery - they referred me to another surgeon. This is GREAT customer service, to take care of the patient even if it means losing money for their office.

So, I call the other place, and the first reaction is, no problem, 10:00 tomorrow?

I had the wisdom teeth out and am recovering nicely.


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