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Linux YUM: Changing from a text shell to a GUI

Thursday, April 04, 2019 in Linux (Views: 826)
So you installed a new version of Linux and forgot to select the "Server with a GUI" option.

No worries, this can be added after the fact.

This is meant to be for yum based installs, but here is how I did it.

First, you can list out the different group installations by using this command:
yum group list

You'll see here that what we want is in the "Available Environment Groups".

For best results, I always recommend running yum update before any install, especially this one of the GUI.

To install the GUI, use this command: yum install "Server with GUI" -y
(the -y will answer yes and not prompt you to death).

Now, you may have this autoconfigured, but better to check in case.

To check the graphical mode: systemctl get-default
If it is not set to graphical (likely multiuser), then use this command: systemctl set-default

Once you restart (shutdown -r now), you should see the graphical interface.


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