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Obama and his ways of playing the crowd...

Monday, August 04, 2008 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 3125)
It has been a while since I've added a blog, so let's get to something that won't seem charged at all - politics.

Today, I listened to Barak Obama, the funny named guy who doesn't look like anyone else, for almost an hour in a speech he was giving in Michigan. Now I know I've blasted the guy a lot lately, and for good reason, but I want to switch gears and say something different, even positive about what kind of President he may make, and some random thoughts on this election, now only 93 days away...

Most of my comments are based on this hour I listened to him.

I don't personally agree with how he is trying to accomplish things, but he is finally giving specifics as to how he plans to go about fixing things, with the hot topic being the energy crisis and dependence on foreign oil. Of course, it's easy to feed steak to a starving dog, Michigan right now is known as being one of the hardest hit places in the US for job loss. Part of this is their own fault, since GM has been pushing the same crap year after year at over inflated American prices while other companies in Japan and Germany have been more responsive to the desires of the American consumer.

Obama without a doubt is a very talented speaker. He does have the ability to mix words and really play a crowd, while not saying what he really means. When he does make a mistake, it all becomes a matter of damage control with his campaign, and they have done an excellent job so far. Between his shady associations, his wife's rants about finally coming to like America, the whole black values system, his thoughts on changing America (and what that really means), and just his whole overall personality. He may not look like "the rest of the politicians", but he certainly sounds like them.

One value I can see Obama bringing to the office if he stays true to campaign form (cough), is that he could unite Americans in different ways. I can see him being a motivator because of his ability to talk, and play a crowd. Love him or hate him, he is drawing fans, and Republicans should be afraid of that on election day.

Obama is bringing new markets into voting, and don't be surprised to see the highest voter turnout in recent history because of it - and new voters will probably be going Obama. Somehow Obama became an overnight celebrity and is selling a lot of voters on whether he can actually do the job. Let us not forget here that no President is an expert on everything, his aides are the experts.

Obama is right about one thing - McCain is the same old thing, different day. He can definately play off this - and give the option of "do you want the same thing knowing what to expect?" or "How about something different". This also equates to the old game shows - "Do you want the $1,000 prize, or what's in the box?"

One other thing Obama can play on - Congress has a 14% approval rating (of which he and McCain are both members). Wouldn't the same old thing mean that they would be dissatisfied of either as President?

One thing Obama is dead wrong on, but he is good at playing off the stupidity of the American voter. We do have the checks and balances system in play. The reason that Bush got away with a lot of what he did is because the Congress let him.

So, Obama shows flash. He lets others do his dirty work for him such as play the race card, and puts spin on things like not running a negative campaign as he shoots down McCain at every angle. McCain just puts his head down and talks into the microphone.

So Obama, play your race card. What happens if John McCain picks Condoleezza Rice? Checkmate on that and the sexist card. :)


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