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Your vote matters, or does it?

Saturday, October 04, 2008 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 3208)
Don't call me an American. It's a filthy, dirty, obscene word that I want no part of. I would say, call me a Virginian, but my elected leaders sold me out.

If you honestly think your voice or your vote counts, you are a fool. If you need proof, then look at the bailout, or as I refer to it as the corporate greed bill.

Case in point: The pro-greed bailout bill.

Side note: Check here to see how your senators voted.

The American people spoke, to the tune of over 80% rejecting it according to some estimates. Some estimates were that some lawmakers received ratios of 100 to 1 (or more) from angered citizens were against the bill. The lawmakers didn't care, they have another agenda.

Even those elected in power don't think this will do any good to the general welfare of the economy, but they went through and passed it, with a few million added in for other pork projects. We have not taken a giant step towards socialism, we have pretty much established socialism in this country.

Perhaps the next logical step would be to replace the 50 stars on the flag with the swastika, the symbol of American Socialist party, known as the coming together between republicans and democrats (and the federal government).

Many of those who dwell in the 50 states are upset, saddened, and defeated by this decision. At this point, with McCain and Obama both voting for the American Socialist bill, this just adds to a new level that our vote doesn't count, as both are running on the same ticket, the American Socialist party.

I'm saddened to see that people who worked hard to pay their bills get the same deal as those who didn't pay theirs. Perhaps I should default on my home loan and walk away, why should I kill myself to pay my bills when I don't have to? Oh wait, this is the attitude socialism brings in. Nobody really cares to excel, because it doesn't really reap any rewards. Work hard, so people on welfare don't have to.

So, someone please explain to me the idea of the people as a whole rising up and the government doing what it wants regardless. Isn't this a form of dictatorship, where the people are disregarded and the government always knows best? Iran calls Israel a "stinking rotten corpse". Perhaps, they should see it's America that is, and that Israel, although paranoid, is still very much alive.

I hope you lawmakers are pleased with the official removal of democracy from the United States.


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