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Service Manager: So what template was that?

Monday, April 27, 2015 in Technical Articles (Views: 2822)
Sometimes Microsoft, okay often Microsoft is very unclear in its own documentation - even in step by steps. So I am importing a Management Pack into SCOM, and low and behold - there's a template field that looks like a GUID.

This is sound strategy as names can be deceiving, but GUIDs aren't. But, I don't want your default notification template, I want mine - so how do I find it?

You can do a simple SQL query against your Service Manager database.
select ObjectTemplateId, LTValue from ObjectTemplate ot
Inner join LocalizedText LT on LT.MPElementId = ot.ObjectTemplateId
where ObjectTemplateTypeId='0814D9A7-8332-A5DF-2EC8-34D07F3D40DB'

From here, you should be able to simply find the name of your template. If you don't want all the languages, you can add a "and lt.localizedlanguage = 'ENU'" to the end of the query. It may make it easier to find yours as well.

Happy templating. :)


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