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XBox One becoming backwards compatible to the 360

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 in Technical Articles (Views: 1781)
Yesterday, Microsoft announced that the XBox One would be backwards compatible. Whereas I applaud this move, it really was over a year and a half late. This would have been a great way to get gamers to upgrade the console slowly. One advantage Microsoft has over Sony is that really the 360 is far more marketable over the PS3.

It seems the One, like the PS4 was an amazing disappointment. The One lacked so much that it made more sense to bundle in more game compatibility to get it to sell. More towards Microsoft's commitment that "unless it stops a product from selling, we won't fix it".

Microsoft's spin doctors in marketing via the head of XBox mentioned "Our goal is to deliver the largest games catalog ever on Xbox, and Xbox backwards compatibility allows us to do just that", leaving out in his speech that really this should have been there from the beginning and kept many from buying.

Don't jump for joy and buy a One just yet. For those remembering backwards compatibility from the 360 back the the original XBox (or should I say XBox One original), games were on a "supported list" and removed from time to time until they all were. I can see the same happening here, so don't expect all your games to work, or not indefinitely on the One.

Too little? Well, the 360 is still a big deal. Too late? Definitely. They are hurting for sales and know it.


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