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Subway: Eat Stupid, Because We Care

Sunday, August 28, 2016 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1176)
A lot of things in business can be tolerated, but generally speaking, dishonesty and the customer feeling cheated are not in that list of tolerable actions. This blog or rant is really two parts, how dishonesty in business loses customers and how stupid shouldn't be rewarded.

We have all seen it, the "take our survey" offers that try to hint that the company actually cares about your feedback. Good or bad, they will make it right for you.

Take for example, Subway. They run a promotion that if you buy things, you can add points to a card. You can then redeem these points for any of their menu items. If you don't have your card, no worries, just put in your phone number, also tied to your account.

So, I walk in there, get my sandwich, give them my phone number, and walk out. Points added to the card (how it was all supposed to work). The next day, I do the same, only to have the 2 people working there looking at each other with a stupified look wondering if I was crazy when I said I don't carry their card, they would have to put in my phone number.

As a result, I fill out the survey and knock them down for not training their people. Of course, as expected, I fill out the "you can contact me about my visit", with no response.

The next day, I return to give them a second chance. They are nice people, and figured someone would have asked how to do this, and I'd be fine with losing my 10 points if they became educated. Sure enough, stupid was "doubled down upon", and was told there was no way to do it. This is after I did this just 2 days earlier in the same store, I am met with a smile and laugh over their just not being trained. Then the manager came in and said "we're not supposed to do that". So, allow me to translate: Subway cheats its customers. Yes, I bolded this.

What is even more amazing is that a lot of these people choose to be ignorant on how to best serve customers and believe that they deserve $15 an hour to do this. If you feel you deserve more money, work to a raise or get a better job. No sandwich maker is worth $15 an hour that doesn't apply themselves, and to be honest, few exceptions of sandwich makers would be worth that kind of money. That's another rant in another blog.

So, to summarize the transaction, I leave feeling cheated, blast the review, and as a slap in the face, am offered a free cookie I don't want for going back to a place I don't want to go back to. This gets worse by the minute. Filling out the review, and it's been almost 2 weeks since, no response. Do I expect there to be a response? Well, of course if you listen to the corporate propoganda, Subway cares about its customer feedback and takes it very seriously. I suppose negative feedback isn't taken as seriously.

Most customers who are unhappy, about 96% in fact, don't in any way complain, they simply don't return. The 4%, trying to make it right most of the time wind up wasting their time. Well, time wasted. Subway has lost me and has chosen not to make it right.


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