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"WAH" I am the youth of America

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1042)
I've never been told no.
I've always been treated as a winner, even when I came in last.
I've always gotten my way.
I am untouchable
Everyone has to pay their "fair share", just not me
I get what I want, and now
It's not my fault
You owe me, I'm entitled and want it for free.
I have never been taught to deal with losing or not getting my way.
I'm afraid you'll brand me into a name if I don't think the way others do like a racist.
I am the youth of America, hear me whine.

You would think when you look at the youth of today, they would be stronger, smarter, more capable than the youth of a generation or two ago. They have access to more information, everything is instant, and can learn at a far faster pace.

So, why are we giving coloring books, play-doh, and therapy puppies to them? Because they don't get their way, they've never been taught to deal with loss. They get together, riot in the streets, want a do-over, petition to have Trump removed. They say stupid things like "I don't care about white feelings eight now", while claiming to not be a racist.

You see now why Trump won, the majority are sick of the entitlement phase. The "gimmie Obama monies" crowd smartened up. One day the youth of America, may grow up. Maybe at some point their parents may grow up too.


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