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Democryers: It's not my fault

Thursday, December 29, 2016 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1099)
Democryers: It's not my fault

All the sports anologies, all the similarities, the simple truth is you got beat. Wait, no, it's fake news, it's social media, the Russians, it was angry white people. It just wasn't me, this didn't happen.

I've been watching all this unfold and it is just amazing. You have a candidate who deserves to be in prison who has done nothing less than buy and lie her way into her position. Somehow, Americans were stupid enough to give her the nomination, mostly because she had the help of her party to take out Bernie Sanders. A quick shout out to Bernie here. I don't like you and think you're a nut case. You got screwed.

So, the hand picked candidate went against the joke that they also steered into winning, although I am not sure that the Republicants needed the Democryers help in getting him the nomination. Everyone sensed a blowout. All the pre-game analysts expected November 8th to be over before it starts. Criminal Clinton looked like she was just running out the clock in the victory formation. Then, she wasn't getting ahead in the electoral votes, actually she never led in the votes.

Democryers must be the most stupid and brainwashed people on earth when you can't accept you were simply beat. Do you honestly think Russians can actually hack such an outdated system that requires votes by mail in some states? Did the Russians hack Detroit who went for Criminal Clinton where there were more votes cast than actual voters? Wait, no that was Democryers bussing the poor, stupid, ignorant, and illegal around to make that happen. It's pretty easy to confuse Democryers with facts.

Too many people were closet Trump fans, you put a deserving prisoner up against a businessman you saw was a joke, and look how that worked out. You lost. All Trump had to say was "look what your record has been the last 30 years, nothing happened and you had the ability to do it". You weren't just beat, you were beaten like you were owned.

Now, Democryers throw out "not my President", finding any excuse to upend the system which they've been feeding off of. The Russians, Chinese, and everybody else could have full access to the US Government, and hell, Criminal Clinton saw to it when she put up an email server you can cut through like a hot knife through butter. The whole crimal conspiracy was exposed, yet it wasn't their fault.

To prove it was the Russians fault, Barack Hussein Obama decides to make them guilty and punish them for their "wrongdoing", even though we have no evidence to prove any of it. What do expect from a loser who can't tell the truth, another blog on this I'm sure...

Grow up already, you lost. It was your fault, you sucked and were beat. Recognize.


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