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Love it or be labeled

Thursday, January 12, 2017 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1076)
I remember as a child being called various names from adults like champ, sport, or whatever. None of them were demeaning. I was also taught that calling people derogatory names was wrong (like stupid or ugly). I was also taught not to categorize people or "stereotype them". This means that all of a certain people aren't some (insert title here).

However, it seems in this loser society of political correctness, that intolerance is running wild and rampant. Simply put, if you don't agree with someone on pro gay marriage, you're a homophobe. So, I will center my anger and attack on heterophobe losers. Yes, I created a new word, say it along with me: heterophobe.

Heterophobes are the people who don't respect someone else's opinion of not really caring for their agenda of gay marriage. Since they label those people incorrectly of being afraid of and intolerant towards gay people (assuming the literal of homophobe), they are obviously scared and intolerant towards those who are straight.

So I guess that means that those who label intolerance are really the ones guilty of it themselves. Let me see, what is that word for people like that, oh yes, hypocrites. Here's to all the Heterophobes out there, may you bask in your hypocrisy and prove how stupid political correctness really is.


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